Adaptive Reader Debuts Web App: Revolutionizing Literacy with Personalized Learning

[Cambridge, MA, February 1, 2024] – Adaptive Reader, the brainchild of Ethan Pierce, a Harvard graduate who overcame his own literacy challenges, officially launches today. This cutting-edge digital platform is set to address the alarming literacy crisis that sees half of American adults struggling to read at an 8th-grade level and only 31% of eighth-grade students achieving proficiency.

A Journey from Challenge to Innovation

Motivated by his personal battles and the stark literacy statistics, Pierce developed Adaptive Reader to ensure educational inclusivity. The platform uses sophisticated AI to dynamically adapt classic literature, making it accessible and engaging for readers at various literacy levels.

Empowering Educators and Students Alike

Adaptive Reader isn't just a tool; it's a movement towards educational equity. The platform offers adaptations of literary classics from a diverse range of reading levels, all verified by experienced educators to maintain narrative integrity. "Adaptive Reader is not just innovative; it's essential," says Morgan B., a high school special education teacher, praising its unique approach to inclusivity.

Accessibility at the Core

Pierce draws an analogy between adding a ramp to a historic building and adapting literature: both enhance accessibility without compromising integrity. "Our goal is to preserve the soul of these classics while ensuring every student can access their wealth of knowledge and inspiration," Pierce explains.

Be Part of the Literacy Revolution

Adaptive Reader invites you to join its mission to make reading universally accessible and enjoyable. By sharing Adaptive Reader with educators, parents, and school districts, we can collectively ensure that every student leaves school as a confident, capable reader.

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About Adaptive Reader

Founded on the belief that every student deserves the joy of reading, Adaptive Reader leverages AI to adapt classic literature for all learning levels. Committed to fostering a love for reading worldwide, Adaptive Reader is pioneering a future where literacy barriers are dismantled.



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