Our Editorial Process at Adaptive Reader

Putting Educators at the Heart of Adaptation

At Adaptive Reader, our editorial team is the cornerstone of our mission. We employ experienced educators, prioritizing those who have taught the text in their classrooms. Their firsthand understanding of teaching and student engagement is invaluable in crafting editions that resonate with readers of all levels.

Technology-Assisted, Human-Centered Editing

Our editors are supported by advanced technology, including large language models and seven literacy indexes. These tools assess the reading difficulty of each passage, aiding our editors in adapting the text. The goal is to maintain the integrity of the original themes and content while making it accessible to a broader audience.

Meticulous Passage-by-Passage Review

The adaptation process is rigorous and detailed. Our editors meticulously go through the text passage by passage, ensuring that our adaptations are accurate, retain the essence of the original, and are tailored to the appropriate reading level.

Preserving the Author’s Intent

Respect for the original work is paramount. We never remove challenging scenes or content, preserving the author's intent and the depth of their narrative. Each book comes with a content disclosure. While our original editions retain the author’s language, including outdated or explicit terms, our adaptations avoid profane language and racial slurs.

Bridging Readers to Original Texts

Our adaptations are designed as entry points, enabling students to grasp the plot and themes of the original novel. They serve as bridges, preparing students to engage with the original text’s rich language and complex syntax.

Consistency Across Editions

To facilitate classroom discussion and cross-edition reference, we use passage markers every 200 words. This consistent numbering ensures that, for example, passage 130 refers to the same content in all editions, whether in paperback or digital format.

Values and Process: Respect for Literary Craft and Ideas

Our adaptations strive to expose students to the author's ideas, fostering rich classroom discussions and an appreciation for the literary craft. We aim to make the original works accessible, not to replace them, allowing students of all reading levels to engage meaningfully with literature.

Our Commitment to Educational Equity

Adaptive Reader is driven by values that emphasize respect for literary art and the need for inclusive education. Our process is a testament to our commitment to these values, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to engage with and appreciate great literature.


Interested in joining our editorial team? Send your resume to careers@adaptivereader.com. We will keep your name on file and contact you when a role matching your skills opens up!