Photo of founder Ethan Pierce holding up a copy of Adaptive Reader's first novel, Frankenstein.

Adaptive Reader Founder Ethan Pierce holding up a copy of Frankenstein.

Our Story at Adaptive Reader

From a Struggling Reader to Harvard Graduate: The Birth of Adaptive Reader

My educational journey was not typical — from finishing third grade without being able to read, to earning a full scholarship to Harvard College. This path wasn't just paved with hard work and grit; it was also about having the right support at the right time. This realization inspired Adaptive Reader.

Addressing the Literacy Challenge

With startling statistics revealing that 50% of American adults cannot read at an 8th-grade level, the literacy challenge is more urgent than ever. This issue impacts more than just education — it influences income, life expectancy, and even incarceration rates. In high school, the expectation shifts from learning to read to reading to learn, but this becomes a barrier for those reading below grade level.

Empowering Readers with Expertly Edited Texts

Our approach is unique. We employ real teachers, experienced in teaching novels in the classroom, to edit each text into multiple reading levels. They're supported by advanced technology that applies seven different literacy indexes to the text, ensuring that each adaptation is accessible while preserving the core themes and plots.

Inclusivity Without Compromising Rigor

We recognize the struggle educators face in balancing inclusivity with academic rigor. Adaptive Reader addresses this by offering complex, age-appropriate texts in formats accessible to diverse learning levels. As Morgan B., a high school special education teacher, shares, "Adaptive Reader is a breakthrough in inclusivity, allowing all students to engage with the same rich texts as their peers."

Why Classics Matter

Our focus starts with the classics — timeless stories that offer windows into our past and pose enduring human questions. We believe that by making these classics accessible, we connect new generations to narratives that shape our understanding of the world.

A Commitment to Educational Equity

Our mission is to provide resources that make reading magical and accessible for every student, honoring the dedication of teachers and the diverse needs of learners.

Join Our Mission

Help us build a world where every child can fully participate in school and graduate as a confident reader. Share Adaptive Reader with parents, teachers, or school districts. Together, we can transform literacy and learning.