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What educators are saying about Adaptive Reader

What educators are saying about Adaptive Reader


"The literacy specialist in me knows that this is the right thing to do." 

- Helen B.

We asked educators what they thought about Adaptive Reader's leveled novels. Here are some of their responses:


Differentiated Learning

"I'm truly excited about Adaptive Reader because it aligns perfectly with the concept of differentiated learning. In our classrooms, we encounter students with varying levels of proficiency, and our objective is always to help them progress as readers.

I find the concept of a tiered system appealing, where students can access the same story but in a format that's tailored to their individual needs. This means providing additional support for struggling readers while retaining the full, unmodified text for our gifted and AP classes.

This approach resonates with me, and I'm genuinely enthusiastic about its potential."

— Andrew T, High School English Teacher


"I'm particularly enthusiastic about the homework aspect. It has often felt like a daunting challenge to assign students a text to read independently at home, especially when the material is far beyond their current reading level. It can almost feel like cruel and unusual punishment to expect a student reading at fourth-grade level to engage with a 12th-grade text on their own.

This tool offers a solution to this dilemma, making it much more feasible to assign meaningful homework that aligns with a student's actual reading proficiency. It's a game-changer for ensuring that homework remains a valuable and manageable part of a student's learning experience."

— Rebecca L, High School English Teacher


"As a high school special education teacher, I’m not going to lie, it’s hard. It was hard to find age-appropriate text that my kids could understand and actually enjoy. While their peers were diving into Shakespeare, they were reading texts meant for elementary kids. I wanted my students to feel included, to feel their age, but not at the expense of comprehension. Adaptive Reader is the end all be all of inclusivity. A tool where students all over the spectrum of sped can read the same book as their typical peers. The different levels of text meet students where they are at, but still tell the same story.

It may seem small, but for a kid on an IEP this is a huge confidence boost. In the end, that’s all kids want. To feel included and just like their friends in class!"

- Morgan B.


English Language Learners

"I've always been concerned about multi-language learners who are integrated into mainstream education. While they've reached a reading proficiency level that no longer requires intensive ELL services, they may not yet be on par with their native English-speaking peers in terms of literacy.

Utilizing this resource in a mainstream English Language Arts class can be a game-changer. It effectively bridges the gap by adapting vocabulary and sentence structure, which are fundamental aspects of language. This enables students to engage with the same content at a language level that aligns with their current abilities.

I firmly believe that this tool will empower them to participate more effectively in their mainstream ELA classes."

— Helen B, ELL Coordinator


"It's a common experience for anyone learning a new language. One unfamiliar word can throw you off, causing the rest of the sentence to become a blur. No matter how well you understand the rest of the sentence, that initial confusion can be overwhelming, making it difficult to grasp the entire meaning.

I believe that a tool like this can be a game-changer for improving reading comprehension. It provides the support needed to overcome those stumbling blocks and truly understand the content."

— Hanna, ELL Instructor


"Another significant challenge we face in education is the massive shortage of bilingual teachers. This shortage often limits students' access to the curriculum. However, this tool has the potential to serve as a powerful solution, offering broader access to the curriculum for students, regardless of the availability of bilingual educators."

— Helen B, ELL Coordinator 

Critical Thinking Skills

"I find this tool truly remarkable. It enables students to read the same material, but at a level that makes it accessible to them. As an ELL teacher, I constantly think about what I'm truly assessing in my students' learning journey.

Am I aiming to evaluate their comprehension of the text at a surface level, testing their literal understanding? Or is my objective to gauge their capacity to infer or analyze how characters' actions drive the plot?

Leveled text is a powerful tool that ensures I'm assessing their genuine literary skills, rather than just their literal comprehension. This distinction is crucial, especially for students facing significant language barriers."

— Victoria P, ELL Instructor


"When it comes to reading growth, I believe this tool is a game-changer. Instead of simply immersing students in challenging material right from the start, it acts as a bridge. This approach allows them to gradually build their skills and reach or even exceed their grade-level expectations more swiftly.

It has a positive impact on critical thinking skills too. When students are presented with texts that are too far beyond their grasp, they miss out on the opportunity to practice critical thinking, reading between the lines, and mastering essential literary elements.

I firmly believe that this tool levels the playing field, ensuring that all students have the chance to develop these crucial literary tools."

— Hanna S, ELL Educator 


Motivation & Confidence

I think that I missed out on a lot of relevant and important text because I was too busy deciphering academic language and getting lost in the language and then in turn also losing interest in school. I think that's a lot of students. You just lose interest because you can't keep up with it or connect with it. So, I think there's great value in access it provides. It could provide a connection for students to the curriculum, and I think it could also provide a lot of engagement.

— Helen B, ELL Coordinator


"I often encountered students who seemed unmotivated and disengaged, making it challenging for them to apply themselves to their studies. It's understandable; when faced with material that feels completely out of reach, it's hard to find the motivation to try and understand it.

However, I firmly believe that when students are provided with material that they can grasp and connect with, their motivation naturally increases. When they can actually understand what they're reading, they're more likely to apply themselves and put in the effort. And as they engage with the material, their reading skills inevitably grow, creating a positive cycle of motivation and improvement."

— Hanna S, ELL Instructor



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