Adaptive Reader for Schools

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Our Commitment to Affordable Materials

Many schools can have their Adaptive Reader digital license fully covered by Title I and Title III federal grant funding.

We never want pricing to be a barrier to quality educational materials. Contact us to learn about financial aid for low-income districts or schools with 300 or fewer students.


Educators weigh in on the impact of Adaptive Reader.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a school license?

Contact us for a quote. You will have the flexibility to pay using a credit card, check, or purchase order, catering to your institution's preferred method.

Do you offer individual Classroom Memberships?

Full digital access to Adaptive Reader is only available through School or District Memberships to ensure broad access and impact.

We offer discounts for smaller schools or those with budget constraints, as we aim to make Adaptive Reader accessible to all. For detailed pricing options or inquiries, please contact us at

How can I pay?

We accept payments via credit card online or through a submitted purchase order, after which you can fulfill the invoice via check or credit card. Choose the method that best fits your school or district's needs.

How do I get a copy of your W-9?

You can easily access our W-9 form directly through this link. It's readily available for your financial and record-keeping purposes.

Do you offer any discounts or other incentives?

Adaptive Reader is committed to affordability, with various promotions listed on our pricing page.

Districts that purchase a multi-year membership now can lock in an additional savings of $250 per school for each successive year of a multi-year membership.

We offer small school discounts for institutions with fewer than 300 students. For more details, contact

Financial aid discounts

We don’t want funding to be an obstacle to using Adaptive Reader! If your school cannot afford an Adaptive Reader membership, please contact us at

We’ll be happy to connect with your school administrator so we can find a way for your school to continue using Adaptive Reader.

Do you offer homeschool memberships?

Currently, we do not offer digital memberships for homeschooling needs. However, homeschool educators can purchase paperback versions of our popular novels, ensuring quality literature is still accessible to all students.