Requesting Content: Understanding Public Domain and Copyright

Tailoring Our Library to Your Needs

At Adaptive Reader, we encourage educators to request specific titles for their classrooms. Understanding the difference between public domain and copyrighted works is crucial in this process.

Public Domain: A Wealth of Classical Literature

Public domain works, generally those published before 1927, are not protected by copyright and can be freely adapted for educational use. These timeless classics are readily available for integration into our library upon request.

Copyrighted Works: Navigating Modern Literature

Copyright protects the rights of contemporary authors and publishers, typically extending for the author's lifetime plus 70 years. Adapting these works requires careful negotiation, and acquiring the rights can take 18-24 months.

Our Dedication to Educational Resources

Regardless of copyright status, we are committed to providing high-quality, accessible content. For public domain requests, we can adapt and prepare these works quickly for your classroom. For copyrighted materials, we navigate the legal landscape to secure the necessary rights for educational use.

Commonly Requested Materials

We have compiled a list of over 400 commonly taught high school plays and novels, spanning both public domain and copyrighted works. This list can be a helpful guide to understanding the timeline for adding a work to our library.

Abbott, Edwin A. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions Public Domain
Alcott, Louisa May Little Women Public Domain
Alcott, Louisa May Little Men Public Domain
Alighieri, Dante Inferno Public Domain
Anonymous The Epic of Gilgamesh Public Domain
Austen, Jane Sense and Sensibility Public Domain
Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice Public Domain
Blake, William Songs of Innocence and of Experience Public Domain
Brontë, Charlotte Jane Eyre Public Domain
Brontë, Emily Wuthering Heights Public Domain
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Sonnets from the Portuguese Public Domain
Cather, Willa O Pioneers! Public Domain
Cather, Willa My Ántonia Public Domain
Chaucer, Geoffrey The Canterbury Tales Public Domain
Chekhov, Anton The Marriage Proposal Public Domain
Chopin, Kate The Awakening Public Domain
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Public Domain
Connell, Richard The Most Dangerous Game Public Domain
Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness Public Domain
Conrad, Joseph Lord Jim Public Domain
Cooper, James Fenimore The Last of the Mohicans Public Domain
Crane, Stephen The Red Badge of Courage Public Domain
de Tocqueville, Alexis Democracy in America Public Domain
Defoe, Daniel Robinson Crusoe Public Domain
Dickens, Charles Oliver Twist Public Domain
Dickens, Charles A Christmas Carol Public Domain
Dickens, Charles Hard Times Public Domain
Dickens, Charles A Tale of Two Cities Public Domain
Dickens, Charles Great Expectations Public Domain
Dostoevsky, Fyodor Notes from Underground Public Domain
Dostoevsky, Fyodor Crime and Punishment Public Domain
Douglass, Frederick Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Public Domain
Douglass, Frederick My Bondage and My Freedom Public Domain
Doyle, Arthur Conan A Study in Scarlet Public Domain
Doyle, Arthur Conan The Adventure of the Speckled Band Public Domain
Doyle, Arthur Conan The Hound of the Baskervilles Public Domain
Du Bois, W.E.B. The Souls of Black Folk Public Domain
Du Bois, W.E.B. Up from Slavery/Souls of Black Folk/Southern Horrors & Other Writings & Black Protest & the Great Migration Public Domain
Dumas, Alexandre The Count of Monte Cristo Public Domain
Dumas, Alexandre The Three Musketeers Public Domain
Eliot, George Silas Marner Public Domain
Eliot, T.S. The Waste Land Public Domain
Euripides Medea Public Domain
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby Public Domain
Flaubert, Gustave Madame Bovary Public Domain
Forster, E.M. A Room with a View Public Domain
Founding Fathers The Declaration of Independence Public Domain
Founding Fathers U.S. Constitution Public Domain
Foxe, John Fox's Book of Martyrs Public Domain
Franklin, Benjamin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Public Domain
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories Public Domain
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Faust Public Domain
Gogol, Nikolai The Inspector General Public Domain
Gogol, Nikolai Dead Souls Public Domain
Gogol, Nikolai The Overcoat Public Domain
Goncharov, Ivan Oblomov Public Domain
Guanzhong, Luo Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol. 1 of 2 (chapter 1-60) Public Domain
Guanzhong, Luo Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol. 2 of 2 (chapter 61-120) Public Domain
Hamilton, Alexander The Federalist Papers Public Domain
Hardy, Thomas The Return of the Native Public Domain
Hardy, Thomas The Mayor of Casterbridge Public Domain
Hardy, Thomas Tess of the D'Urbervilles Public Domain
Hawthorne, Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter Public Domain
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Young Goodman Brown Public Domain
Hemingway, Ernest The Sun Also Rises Public Domain
Henry, O. The Gift of the Magi Public Domain
Henry, O. Last Leaf Public Domain
Hesse, Hermann Unterm Rad Public Domain
Hesse, Hermann Siddhartha Public Domain
Hesse, Hermann Steppenwolf Public Domain
Hobbes, Thomas Leviathan Public Domain
Homer The Odyssey Public Domain
Homer The Iliad Public Domain
Hsueh-Chin, Tsao Dream of the Red Chamber Public Domain
Hugo, Victor The Hunchback of Notre-Dame Public Domain
Hugo, Victor Les Misérables Public Domain
Ibsen, Henrik A Doll's House Public Domain
Ibsen, Henrik The Wild Duck Public Domain
Irving, Washington Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Public Domain
Jacobs, Harriet Ann Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Public Domain
James, Henry The Turn of the Screw Public Domain
Joyce, James Dubliners Public Domain
Joyce, James Araby Public Domain
Joyce, James A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Public Domain
Kafka, Franz The Metamorphosis Public Domain
Kafka, Franz The Trial Public Domain
Kafka, Franz The Castle Public Domain
Kielland, Alexander L. Gift (Løvdahl #1) Public Domain
Lawrence, D.H. Sons and Lovers Public Domain
Lermontov, Mikhail A Hero of Our Time Public Domain
Lewis, Sinclair Main Street Public Domain
Lincoln, Abraham The Gettysburg Address Public Domain
Locke, John Second Treatise of Government Public Domain
London, Jack The Call of the Wild Public Domain
Machiavelli, Niccolò The Prince Public Domain
Manzoni, Alessandro The Betrothed Public Domain
Marlowe, Christopher Dr. Faustus Public Domain
Maugham, W. Somerset The Painted Veil Public Domain
Melville, Herman Moby-Dick Public Domain
Melville, Herman Bartleby the Scrivener Public Domain
Melville, Herman Billy Budd, Sailor Public Domain
Milton, John Paradise Lost Public Domain
Molière Tartuffe Public Domain
More, Thomas Utopia Public Domain
Northup, Solomon 12 Years a Slave Public Domain
Plato The Symposium Public Domain
Plato The Last Days of Socrates Public Domain
Plato The Republic Public Domain
Pliny the Younger Ashen Sky: The Letters of Pliny The Younger on the Eruption of Vesuvius Public Domain
Poe, Edgar Allan The Masque of the Red Death Public Domain
Poe, Edgar Allan The Pit and the Pendulum Public Domain
Poe, Edgar Allan The Tell-Tale Heart Public Domain
Poe, Edgar Allan The Raven Public Domain
Poe, Edgar Allan The Cask of Amontillado Public Domain
Pushkin, Alexander Eugene Onegin Public Domain
Rostand, Edmond Cyrano de Bergerac Public Domain
Schiller, Friedrich Wilhelm Tell Public Domain
Scott, Walter Ivanhoe Public Domain
Sewell, Anna Black Beauty Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Julius Caesar Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Othello Public Domain
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night's Dream Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Hamlet Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Macbeth Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Henry V Public Domain
Shakespeare, William The Merchant of Venice Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Twelfth Night Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Measure for Measure Public Domain
Shakespeare, William King Lear Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's Sonnets Public Domain
Shakespeare, William The Taming of the Shrew Public Domain
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing Public Domain
Shakespeare, William The Tempest Public Domain
Shaw, George Bernard Arms and the Man Public Domain
Shaw, George Bernard Pygmalion Public Domain
Shelley, Mary Frankenstein Public Domain
Sinclair, Upton The Jungle Public Domain
Sophocles The Oedipus Cycle Public Domain
Sophocles Oedipus Rex Public Domain
Sophocles Antigone Public Domain
Stevenson, Robert Louis The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Public Domain
Stockton, Frank R. The Lady or the Tiger? Public Domain
Stoker, Bram Dracula Public Domain
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom's Cabin Public Domain
Swift, Jonathan Gulliver's Travels Public Domain
Swift, Jonathan A Modest Proposal Public Domain
Synge, J.M. Riders to the Sea Public Domain
Tennyson, Alfred The Lady of Shalott Public Domain
Thoreau, Henry David Walden & Civil Disobedience Public Domain
Tolstoy, Leo War and Peace Public Domain
Tolstoy, Leo Anna Karenina Public Domain
Tolstoy, Leo The Death of Ivan Ilych Public Domain
Turgenev, Ivan Fathers and Sons Public Domain
Twain, Mark The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Public Domain
Twain, Mark The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Public Domain
Unknown Beowulf Public Domain
Unknown Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Public Domain
Virgil The Aeneid Public Domain
Voltaire Candide Public Domain
Wells, H.G. The Time Machine Public Domain
Wharton, Edith The House of Mirth Public Domain
Wharton, Edith Ethan Frome Public Domain
Wilde, Oscar The Picture of Dorian Gray Public Domain
Wilde, Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest Public Domain
Zola, Émile Germinal Public Domain
Abdel-Fattah, Randa Does My Head Look Big In This? Under Copyright
Achebe, Chinua Things Fall Apart Under Copyright
Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A Trilogy in Four Parts Under Copyright
Adams, Richard Watership Down Under Copyright
Adiga, Aravind The White Tiger Under Copyright
Albom, Mitch Tuesdays with Morrie Under Copyright
Allende, Isabel The House of the Spirits Under Copyright
Almond, David Skellig Under Copyright
Alvarez, Julia In the Time of the Butterflies Under Copyright
Anaya, Rudolfo Bless Me, Ultima Under Copyright
Anderson, Laurie Halse Speak Under Copyright
Anderson, Laurie Halse Wintergirls Under Copyright
Anderson, M.T. Feed Under Copyright
Angelou, Maya I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Under Copyright
Armistead, Cal Being Henry David Under Copyright
Atwood, Margaret The Handmaid’s Tale Under Copyright
Ba Jin Family Under Copyright
Baker, Jean H. Sisters: The Lives of America's Suffragists Under Copyright
Bauer, Joan Almost Home Under Copyright
Beah, Ishmael A Long Way Gone Under Copyright
Beals, Melba Pattillo Warriors Don't Cry Under Copyright
Beckett, Samuel Waiting for Godot Under Copyright
Bell, William Zack Under Copyright
Blume, Judy Blubber Under Copyright
Böll, Heinrich The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum Under Copyright
Borland, Hal When The Legends Die Under Copyright
Boyne, John The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Under Copyright
Bradbury, Ray Fahrenheit 451 Under Copyright
Brookner, Anita Hotel du Lac Under Copyright
Brown, Dan Angels & Demons Under Copyright
Brown, Dan The Da Vinci Code Under Copyright
Buck, Pearl S. The Good Earth Under Copyright
Buck, Pearl S. The Big Wave Under Copyright
Bulgakov, Mikhail The Master and Margarita Under Copyright
Burgess, Anthony A Clockwork Orange Under Copyright
Butler, Octavia E. Kindred Under Copyright
Campbell, Joseph The Hero With a Thousand Faces Under Copyright
Camus, Albert The Stranger Under Copyright
Camus, Albert The Plague Under Copyright
Card, Orson Scott Ender’s Game Under Copyright
Carson, Rachel Silent Spring Under Copyright
Chang, Lan Samantha Hunger Under Copyright
Chbosky, Stephen The Perks of Being a Wallflower Under Copyright
Chevalier, Tracy Girl with a Pearl Earring Under Copyright
Christie, Agatha And Then There Were None Under Copyright
Cisneros, Sandra The House on Mango Street Under Copyright
Clark, Walter Van Tilburg The Ox-Bow Incident Under Copyright
Coelho, Paulo The Alchemist Under Copyright
Collins, Suzanne The Hunger Games Under Copyright
Condie, Ally Matched Under Copyright
Conroy, Pat The Prince of Tides Under Copyright
Cooney, Caroline B. The Face on the Milk Carton (Janie Johnson, #1) Under Copyright
Cormier, Robert The Chocolate War Under Copyright
Crnjanski, Miloš Seobe Under Copyright
Danticat, Edwidge The Farming of Bones Under Copyright
Dashner, James The Maze Runner Under Copyright
Dawkins, Richard The Selfish Gene Under Copyright
de Saint-Exupéry, Antoine The Little Prince Under Copyright
DiCamillo, Kate Because of Winn-Dixie Under Copyright
Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly Under Copyright
Dick, Philip K. Minority Report and Other Stories Under Copyright
Didion, Joan Slouching Towards Bethlehem Under Copyright
Doerr, Anthony All the Light We Cannot See Under Copyright
du Maurier, Daphne Jamaica Inn Under Copyright
du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca Under Copyright
DuPrau, Jeanne The City of Ember Under Copyright
El Saadawi, Nawal Woman at Point Zero Under Copyright
Eliot, T.S. Four Quartets Under Copyright
Ellis, Joseph J. Founding Brothers Under Copyright
Ellison, Ralph Invisible Man Under Copyright
Enger, Leif Peace Like a River Under Copyright
Farmer, Nancy The House of the Scorpion Under Copyright
Faulkner, William The Sound and the Fury Under Copyright
Faulkner, William As I Lay Dying Under Copyright
Faulkner, William The Reivers Under Copyright
Foer, Jonathan Safran Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Under Copyright
Forbes, Esther Johnny Tremain Under Copyright
Foster, Thomas C. How to Read Literature Like a Professor Under Copyright
Frank, Anne The Diary of a Young Girl Under Copyright
Frank, Pat Alas, Babylon Under Copyright
Frankl, Viktor E. Man's Search for Meaning Under Copyright
Frazier, Charles Cold Mountain Under Copyright
Frisch, Max Homo Faber Under Copyright
Fuentes, Carlos The Death of Artemio Cruz Under Copyright
Fuller, Alexandra Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight Under Copyright
Gaiman, Neil Coraline Under Copyright
Gaines, Ernest J. A Lesson Before Dying Under Copyright
García Márquez, Gabriel Chronicle of a Death Foretold Under Copyright
García Márquez, Gabriel Love in the Time of Cholera Under Copyright
Gladwell, Malcolm Outliers Under Copyright
Golding, William Lord of the Flies Under Copyright
Goldman, William The Princess Bride Under Copyright
Green, Hannah I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Under Copyright
Green, John Looking for Alaska Under Copyright
Green, John Paper Towns Under Copyright
Green, John The Fault in Our Stars Under Copyright
Griffin, John Howard Black Like Me Under Copyright
Gruwell, Erin The Freedom Writers Diary Under Copyright
Guest, Judith Ordinary People Under Copyright
Hackl, Erich Auroras Anlaß Under Copyright
Haddon, Mark The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Under Copyright
Hamilton, Edith Mythology Under Copyright
Hansberry, Lorraine A Raisin in the Sun Under Copyright
Hart, Moss You Can't Take it With You Under Copyright
Heilbroner, Robert L. The Worldly Philosophers Under Copyright
Heller, Joseph Catch-22 Under Copyright
Hemingway, Ernest A Farewell to Arms Under Copyright
Hemingway, Ernest For Whom the Bell Tolls Under Copyright
Hemingway, Ernest The Old Man and the Sea Under Copyright
Herbert, Frank Dune Under Copyright
Hersey, John Hiroshima Under Copyright
Hesse, Karen Out of the Dust Under Copyright
Heyerdahl, Thor Kon-Tiki Under Copyright
Hillenbrand, Laura Unbroken Under Copyright
Hinton, S.E. The Outsiders Under Copyright
Hinton, S.E. That Was Then, This Is Now Under Copyright
Holm, Anne I Am David Under Copyright
Horowitz, Anthony South by Southeast (Diamond Brothers, #3) Under Copyright
Hosseini, Khaled The Kite Runner Under Copyright
Hosseini, Khaled A Thousand Splendid Suns Under Copyright
Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki Farewell to Manzanar Under Copyright
Hurston, Zora Neale Their Eyes Were Watching God Under Copyright
Huxley, Aldous Brave New World Under Copyright
Irving, John A Prayer for Owen Meany Under Copyright
Iyer, Sreedhar P. The Enigmatic Expanse - Existence Under Copyright
Jackson, Shirley The Lottery and Other Stories Under Copyright
Jordan, Hillary Mudbound Under Copyright
Kesey, Ken One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Under Copyright
Keyes, Daniel Flowers for Algernon Under Copyright
Kidd, Sue Monk The Secret Life of Bees Under Copyright
Kidder, Tracy Mountains Beyond Mountains Under Copyright
King, Stephen Different Seasons Under Copyright
King, Stephen The Green Mile Under Copyright
Kingsolver, Barbara The Bean Trees Under Copyright
Kingsolver, Barbara The Poisonwood Bible Under Copyright
Knowles, John A Separate Peace Under Copyright
Krakauer, Jon Into the Wild Under Copyright
Krakauer, Jon Into Thin Air Under Copyright
L'Engle, Madeleine A Wrinkle in Time Under Copyright
Lawler, Ray Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Under Copyright
Lawrence, D.H. Lady Chatterley's Lover Under Copyright
Lawrence, Jerome Inherit the Wind Under Copyright
Le Guin, Ursula K. A Wizard of Earthsea Under Copyright
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Dispossessed Under Copyright
Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird Under Copyright
Lessing, Doris The Grass Is Singing Under Copyright
Lesy, Michael Murder City Under Copyright
Lewis, C.S. The Screwtape Letters Under Copyright
Lewis, C.S. The Great Divorce Under Copyright
Lewis, C.S. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Under Copyright
Lewis, C.S. Till We Have Faces Under Copyright
Linna, Väinö The Unknown Soldier Under Copyright
Loewen, James W. Lies My Teacher Told Me Under Copyright
Lowry, Lois The Giver Under Copyright
Magorian, Michelle Good Night, Mr. Tom Under Copyright
Markandaya, Kamala Nectar in a Sieve Under Copyright
Martel, Yann Life of Pi Under Copyright
McCarthy, Cormac The Road Under Copyright
McCourt, Frank Angela's Ashes Under Copyright
McCullers, Carson The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Under Copyright
McCullers, Carson The Member of the Wedding Under Copyright
McEwan, Ian Atonement Under Copyright
Medoff, Mark Children of a Lesser God Under Copyright
Mikaelsen, Ben Touching Spirit Bear Under Copyright
Mikaelsen, Ben Ghost of Spirit Bear (Spirit Bear, #2) Under Copyright
Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman Under Copyright
Miller, Arthur The Crucible Under Copyright
Mitchell, Margaret Gone with the Wind Under Copyright
Moore, Alan Watchmen Under Copyright
Morgenstern, Erin The Night Circus Under Copyright
Morrison, Toni Sula Under Copyright
Morrison, Toni Song of Solomon Under Copyright
Morrison, Toni Beloved Under Copyright
Morrison, Toni Jazz (Beloved Trilogy, #2) Under Copyright
Murdoch, Iris The Sandcastle Under Copyright
Myers, Walter Dean Monster Under Copyright
Nabokov, Vladimir Lolita Under Copyright
Naylor, Gloria Linden Hills Under Copyright
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Shiloh Under Copyright
Neihardt, John G. Black Elk Speaks Under Copyright
O'Brien, Tim The Things They Carried Under Copyright
O'Dell, Scott Island of the Blue Dolphins Under Copyright
O'Neill, Eugene Long Day's Journey into Night Under Copyright
Oliver, Lauren Delirium Under Copyright
Orwell, George Down and Out in Paris and London Under Copyright
Orwell, George Animal Farm Under Copyright
Orwell, George 1984 Under Copyright
Pasternak, Boris Doctor Zhivago Under Copyright
Patchett, Ann Bel Canto Under Copyright
Paterson, Katherine Bridge to Terabithia Under Copyright
Paton, Alan Cry, the Beloved Country Under Copyright
Paulsen, Gary Hatchet Under Copyright
Paulsen, Gary Harris and Me Under Copyright
Pinter, Harold The Caretaker Under Copyright
Pirsig, Robert M. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Under Copyright
Plath, Sylvia The Bell Jar Under Copyright
Potok, Chaim The Chosen Under Copyright
Potok, Chaim My Name Is Asher Lev Under Copyright
Prasad, Chandra Damselfly Under Copyright
Priestley, J.B. An Inspector Calls Under Copyright
Rand, Ayn Anthem Under Copyright
Rand, Ayn The Fountainhead Under Copyright
Rayson, Hannie Two Brothers Under Copyright
Remarque, Erich Maria All Quiet on the Western Front Under Copyright
Rhys, Jean Wide Sargasso Sea Under Copyright
Rodríguez, Richard Hunger of Memory Under Copyright
Rose, Reginald Twelve Angry Men Under Copyright
Roth, Veronica Divergent Under Copyright
Rushdie, Salman Haroun and the Sea of Stories (Khalifa Brothers, #1) Under Copyright
Sachar, Louis Holes Under Copyright
Salinger, J.D. The Catcher in the Rye Under Copyright
Satrapi, Marjane Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood Under Copyright
Schlosser, Eric Fast Food Nation Under Copyright
Sebold, Alice The Lovely Bones Under Copyright
See, Lisa Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Under Copyright
Sender, Ruth Minsky The Cage Under Copyright
Shaffer, Peter Equus Under Copyright
Shute, Nevil A Town Like Alice Under Copyright
Skinner, Penelope Linda Under Copyright
Skloot, Rebecca The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Under Copyright
Smith, Betty A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Under Copyright
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Under Copyright
Sondheim, Stephen Into the Woods Under Copyright
Sparks, Beatrice (as "Anonymous") Go Ask Alice Under Copyright
Spiegelman, Art Maus II: A Survivor's Tale Under Copyright
Steinbeck, John Of Mice and Men Under Copyright
Steinbeck, John The Grapes of Wrath Under Copyright
Steinbeck, John Cannery Row Under Copyright
Steinbeck, John The Pearl Under Copyright
Steinbeck, John East of Eden Under Copyright
Steinbeck, John Sweet Thursday Under Copyright
Steinbeck, John The Pearl/The Red Pony Under Copyright
Stockett, Kathryn The Help Under Copyright
Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Under Copyright
Suter, Martin Lila, Lila Under Copyright
Swindells, Robert Stone Cold Under Copyright
Tan, Amy The Joy Luck Club Under Copyright
Taylor, Theodore The Cay Under Copyright
ten Boom, Corrie The Hiding Place: The Triumphant True Story Under Copyright
Thompson, Hunter S. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Under Copyright
Todd, Anna After Under Copyright
Tokio, Marnelle More Than You Can Chew Under Copyright
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit Under Copyright
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings Under Copyright
Tremblay, Michel Les Belles-Soeurs Under Copyright
Trumbo, Dalton Johnny Got His Gun Under Copyright
Tsukiyama, Gail The Samurai's Garden Under Copyright
Tyler, Anne Breathing Lessons Under Copyright
Van Allsburg, Chris The Polar Express Under Copyright
Vonnegut Jr., Kurt Cat's Cradle Under Copyright
Vonnegut Jr., Kurt Slaughterhouse-Five Under Copyright
Walker, Alice The Color Purple Under Copyright
Walls, Jeannette The Glass Castle Under Copyright
Walters, Eric Shattered Under Copyright
Warren, Robert Penn All the King's Men Under Copyright
Wasserstein, Wendy The Heidi Chronicles Under Copyright
Watterson, Bill Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes, #1) Under Copyright
Westall, Robert The Machine-Gunners Under Copyright
Wiesel, Elie Night Under Copyright
Wilder, Thornton Our Town Under Copyright
Williams, Tennessee The Glass Menagerie Under Copyright
Williams, Tennessee A Streetcar Named Desire Under Copyright
Wilson, August Fences Under Copyright
Wilson, August The Piano Lesson Under Copyright
Winik, Jay April 1865 Under Copyright
Wolfe, Thomas Look Homeward, Angel Under Copyright
Woolf, Virginia A Room of One’s Own Under Copyright
Wright, Richard Native Son Under Copyright
Wright, Richard Black Boy Under Copyright
Wyndham, John The Chrysalids Under Copyright
X, Malcolm The Autobiography of Malcolm X Under Copyright
Zephaniah, Benjamin Refugee Boy Under Copyright
Zindel, Paul The Pigman Under Copyright
Zusak, Markus The Book Thief Under Copyright