The Iliad


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This adaptation contains violence and depicts the brutality of war, including scenes of warfare, death, and loss. It also includes references to mythology and may contain cultural attitudes and beliefs that differ from contemporary values. Reader discretion is advised, and parental guidance is recommended for younger readers.
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The Iliad

You can now read a sample of of our leveled editions online.

About the Author

Homer is the legendary ancient Greek poet traditionally attributed to the authorship of "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey." Believed to have lived during the 8th century BCE, Homer's works played a significant role in shaping Greek literature and mythology. Little is known about the author, and the question of Homer's identity remains a subject of scholarly debate.

Story Overview

"The Iliad" by Homer is an ancient Greek epic poem that recounts the events of the Trojan War. Set during the final year of the war, the narrative follows the hero Achilles and the conflicts between the Greeks and Trojans. Filled with battles, gods, and complex characters, "The Iliad" explores themes of honor, glory, fate, and the consequences of war. Homer's poetic language and vivid storytelling make this epic a cornerstone of Western literature.

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